The Best Laptops for Under 400 Dollars

September 29, 2011

Laptops Under 400

How does $400 sound for a brand new laptop? Initially retailing at the thousand dollar mark, laptops, a must have for many, were limited to those who could purchase them at their exorbitant pricing. However, with the new mark downs, it is possible for many to now own brand new laptops for  under 400 dollars. These personable electronics are essential owing to the fact that they are portable, thus appealing to a large demographic.

The need for a laptop certainly varies from one person to the next and as such, the purchase made is dependent on the requirements of the particular consumer. Computer manufactures are aware of this and, companies like HP, Dell, Acer, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba work hard to come up with laptops that will meet consumer needs at prices that are within their means.

Dell has a $400 laptop, the Dell insipiron 15 which has a 900 Intel Celeron processor, a sizeable hard drive of 250GB and a 2GB RAM. If you are looking for a workable laptop that is well priced with decent features, the Dell insipiron 15 fits the profile.

Toshiba satellite C650D-BT2N13 is a laptop from Toshiba that’s usually priced as a laptop for under $400. It has a fast processing speed credited to the AMD V140 installed Intel Celeron processor and the in-built RAM of 2GB.

A product under the long line of HP products but similar in features to the Toshiba satellite C650D-BT2N13, the Compaq Presario CQ62Z is a laptop under $400 you can be assured of credibility. Priced under $400 and with fast processing speeds, surfing the net is an enjoyable experience on this laptop.

This is just mention of a few laptops out of a myriad in the market all at different attainable price ranges under 400 dollars. Depending on what your needs are you are guaranteed to find a well priced laptop that will offer you outstanding features and convenience in your work, play, socializing or entertainment.


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