Dual Core Laptops Under 400 Dollars

November 2, 2011


Dual core refers to the processor technology embedded in the laptop. What exactly is a dual core processor? It is just a technological advancement by Intel that is described by its name. In simple words, Intel CPUs with double processors inside them are called dual core CPUs. It is true that recently Intel has gone far beyond double processors and has introduced multi core technologies to the market but the dual core technology is still not outdated. Even though it is not the best technology in the computer industry it is recommendable to users who require a little faster performance.

You are probably wondering what a double processor inside a CPU would do for you. What it means in simple terms is that a dual core processor could compute a certain task with in half the time it could be computed with a typical “single core” processor. The advantage of this is that the computer will operate faster keeping the time glass away from view. Heavy duty applications will run smoother with vibrant graphics on the display. If you are a graphics editor, animation artist or a design engineer then the dual core laptops should be your low cost options. You should target for dual core laptops under 400 USD and harness the capacity.

Brand: Toshiba Satellite
Model: C655D-S5234
Brief Description: Demanding applications are not just satisfied with processing speed only. There is also the requirement of more memory (RAM). This laptop comes with a 3GB memory with its AMD Dual-Core C-50 accelerated processor. This high performance laptop comes with an LED back lit 15.6 inch widescreen display on top of which is mounted a built in webcam with integrated microphone. An optical drive to read/write on CDs/DVDs, 320 GB hard drive to store thousands of files and a wireless LAN to easily connect to the internet are also standard features of this laptop.
Price tag: This laptop is offered for 355 USD which makes it a good candidate for the category dual core laptops under 400.

Brand: Compaq Presario
Model: CQ57-229WM
Brief Description: The black compact design of this laptop gives it a modern look. But the AMD Dual-Core C-50 processor with the 2GB DDR3 memory is what concerns us here. The Windows 7 Home Premium operating system looks great on the 15.6 inch display. A 250 GB hard drive, superMulti DVD burner and wireless LAN are also standard features in this laptop.
Price tag: This laptop can be found on Amazon for 350 USD and is also another member of the dual core laptops under 400 group.



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