Finding the Right Laptop for Under 300-400 Dollars

November 28, 2012


There’s no better feeling than finding a really solid deal, one that leaves you with a lingering sense of satisfaction. Buying a laptop is no exception. Luckily there are thousands of retailers both online and off who regularly offer discounts for cheap laptops. Looking in the low budget market has it’s disadvantages you will be limited but at the same time for most casual users there are plenty of solid machines that will fulfill your needs if you look hard enough. Sites such as have up to 20-30% on a number of models at any given time. The same can be said for almost any large online retailer or retail store such as Best Buy. Before you can decide on which one of these is best for you though you need to know what you are looking for in the first place.

Casual users have the luxury of not needing as much processing power than anyone with more taxing applications in mind. To run Word and surf the internet only requires very basic specs though be weary of Windows 7 which does require a fair amount of power to run smoothly, particularly for those looking in the second hand market. The ideal CPU in terms of power in the price range would be an i3 or an i5. Next down are the Core Duo and Core 2 Duo processors which are one tier of tech down followed by standard Dual Core and then single core machines. For standard applications like surfing the web and MS Office you don’t really need more than a Single core in reality, though it will still affect the overall speed your PC runs at. RAM is the other important factor related to your PC’s performance. I would recommend no less than 2GB of RAM for any machine in order to get the most out of it. Without enough RAM your PC will become sluggish when running multiple apps at the same time . RAM (random access memory) provides the buffer that will allow your laptop to perform at it’s best. The last important factor is of course hard drive space. 320GB is a good entry level HDD size that will provide enough space for quite a few movies and a ton of music, not to mention a hefty fap folder.

Of course there are still other factors to consider aside from the three above such as build quality, portability and battery life. Depending on important the portability factor is you may want to look at 11″ ultrabooks and notebooks that are built with excellent battery life and portability in mind but the expense of raw performance. For students and anyone looking for a business laptop the specs of most modern budget ultrabooks should be more than sufficient. Just bear in mind that the 11″ screen make’s these not ideal for entertainment and watching movies though the excellent battery life means you can watch movies in some nifty places.

Once you feel familiar with the territory, head on over to Laptop Ninja’s laptop under $300 guide to start browsing.

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